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Mon, Feb 25th, 2019

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Mon, Mar 25th, 2019

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Mon, Apr 29th, 2019

MeMeA 2019 Symposium

Wed, Jun 26th, 2019

The 14th edition of IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications will take place in İstanbul, Turkey.

The symposium deals with all the aspects of interactions among the worlds of the instrumentation and measurement, bio-engineering, material science, chemical and biological measurements, and the medical field. The symposium enables researchers, doctors and technicians to exchange ideas and information, make connections and collaborations and update innovation on health care systems and diagnostics in medicine.

Conference Theme

"Metrological point of view in medical measurements"

In memory of a dear friend and colleague of the MeMeA Symposium and the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society, beginning in 2019, the IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications will offer the

"MeMeA Best Paper Award dedicated to Prof. Domenico Grimaldi."

Symposium Topics

  • Bioengineering and rehabilitation
  • Biomedical robotic methods
  • Ecological model of measurements in medical applications
  • Hearing, acoustics, infrasonics and ultrasonics
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Medicine
  • Patient safety
  • Medical and instrumentation uncertainty and calibrations
  • Metrology for medical measurements
  • Sensors and devices for medical measurements
  • Biosignal processing
  • Imaging and communication
  • Measurement and quality control in medical preparations
  • Standards for medical applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Environmental Medicine & Home automation for disability, disease and old age