Getting to Istanbul

By Air

The Istanbul Airport is a major hub at the intersection of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The city is from 2 to 5 hours from European destinations and 9 hours from North America.

By Road

Istanbul has a very extensive road network requiring Green Card and appropriate insurance for visitors coming from Europe. Driving is on the right. Speed limits are 120 km/h for motorways, 90 km/h on main roads and 50 km/h in towns. Located in Esenler; the city’s international bus terminal is about ten kilometers from the city center and serves all international and domestic lines.

From İstanbul to International cities…


Flight distance


City Flight distance


City Flight distance

Athens 349 miles Madrid 1564 miles Zurich 1000 miles
Amsterdam 1253 miles Moscow 1028 miles Tel Aviv 688 miles
Berlin 992 miles Oslo 1520 miles Kuwait 1605 miles
Bucharest 305 miles Paris 1277 miles Bahrain 1697 miles
Budapest 614 miles Prague 868 miles New York 4538 miles
Brussels 1226 miles Rome 839 miles Los Angeles 5220 miles
Copenhagen 1144 miles Sofia 271 miles Rio de Janerio 6400 miles
Dublin 1568 miles Stockholm 1290 miles Buenos Aires 7570 miles
Helsinki 1295 miles Vienna 748 miles Beijing 4159 miles
Lisbon 1860 miles Warsaw 842 miles Tokyo 5291 miles
London 1423 miles Zagreb 947 miles Cape Town 4908 miles

Getting Around Istanbul


Frequently used all around the city, buses are an economic means of transport.
Carrying, the private laned express bus service metrobus carries thousands of passengers daily without passing within a traffic mass; provides fast and comfortable transportation between Söğütlüçeşme on the Asian side and Beylikdüzü on the European side.

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Subway and Tram

Istanbul’s subway operates from Hacıosman to the Şişhane Station at Beyoğlu (M2); from Kirazlı to Olimpiyatköy (M3) and from Kadıköy to Kartal on the Asian Side. As for the tramline; this practical transportation facility operates from Bağcılar to Kabataş (T1), Habibler to Topkapı (T4), Kabataş to Taksim (F1) and Yusufpaşa to Esenler and Atatürk Airport (M1).

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Istanbul has a large railway network comprising both Asian (between Sirkeci and Halkalı) and European (between Haydarpaşa and Pendik) sides. To access the trains you can use either IstanbulCard, Akbil (the smart ticket) or tokens. There are also fast trains and normal trains leaving from Pendik station to other major cities in Turkey.




Dolmuş is a kind of shared taxi with specific fixed and extensive route and a specific fee. There are many Dolmuş routes in the city. One of the commonly used line is the Taksim – Kadıköy line, which is one of the few routes crossing the Bosphorus from both sides and the line is crowded almost in every hour of the day as it is way cheaper then taking a cab.

Taxi / Cab

Istanbul’s taxis are yellow lighted with TAKSI signs on top. Taxis can easily be found all around the city. In addition, there are many taxi stops around the city near most crowded places, hotels, restaurants and touristic spots where they can be acquired easily by phone. There is also a mobile application “taximetre” where you can easily call a cab and calculate the approximate fee for the trip.

Ferry & Sea Bus

There are many ferry and sea-bus stations in Istanbul connecting the Bosphorus shores, Golden Horn, Prince’s Islands and other areas throughout the city. ‘Vapur’ (big ferries) are connecting the main areas with each ferry leaving in 30 min. or 45 min. periods from 07:00am in the morning until 10:00pm in the evening.